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Professional Work

Floating Architectural Spaces 

It is an infringement of Copyright Law to copy, print, reproduce or reformat these images in anyway without permission from the artists. Doing so is a serious legal offence. 

Alec and Franz began their collaboration in 2019, when they worked together for the Baroque opera "Castor et Pollux'' by Jean-Philippe Rameau, staged at the Warsaw Chamber Opera in November 2021, broadcast on Polish National Television TVP in April 2022 and nominated for the best scenography for the Polish Music Theatre Award Jan Kierpura 2022. Alec and Franz have designed and created projected sets for this show, transforming the 18th century Polish theater into a contemporary planetarium. Alec's passion for drawing, for architecture and his innate search for detail, combined with Franz's experience in the scenographic, artistic and visual fields, have created a new contemporary Baroque dimension in art and architecture. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the purpose of the theater, of figurative and architectural art, was to amaze through the technologies and expedients of the time. Also for Alec and Franz the aim is to amaze and fascinate today with their work through the use of hand-made drawings, revisited through today's technology: "Our intention with this artistic project is to transform the materials that make up the our cities, and the monuments that characterize them, in something different, in something light ". 
Alec & Franz's research continues in the artistic project entitled “Floating architectural spaces”. The common interests of both led the two artists to develop a new and personal contemporary vision of architecture: “We live our cities with the frenzy of our time, sometimes without dwelling on the details that characterize them”. In art, the perception of an object, of a building or of a structure in its original form, can be altered and modified in order to allow the viewer to see a new reality different from what it was at the beginning. The classic and ancient architectures that blend into our modernity, deconstructed, recomposed and revisited in the work of Alec and Franz, grant the opportunity to assist, perceive and recognize different ways and different points of view to observe architectural buildings, apparently traditional and culturally significant. The viewer is then given the opportunity to enter another different dimension of understanding that perhaps had not previously been perceived. Everyone can find their own experience in the complex images of Alec and Franz, as the result of a careful elaboration of hand-made drawings. Deconstructing and then reassembling iconic monuments that belong to the imagination of each of us is their new beginning.

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