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Professional Work

Castor et Pollux - Warsaw Chamber Opera - Poland - November 2021

Photography © Grzegorz Bargie

The art prints seen here were used as part of the set production and projection of an Operatic Production of Jean-Philippe Rameau's Castor et Pollux, first staged in 24 October 1737 in Paris France and re imagined and staged by the Warsaw Chamber Opera. in Poland in November 2021.

The idea was to create an immersive 360 style scene within the inside of the Opera House, using video projections matching the interior of the building, the theme of which is a visual planetarium leading into the theme of the Opera where Castor and Pollux eventually become stars in the heavens. 

There are three stages of the ageing of the Palace of Pollux, which can be seen in these drawings above, these were perfectly projected on the stage, the side walls and the ceiling of the Warsaw Chamber Opera 

Scenography, Costume and Lighting Design by Francesco Vitali 

Direction and Choreography by  Deda Cristina Colonna


Castor et Pollux - TV Trailer for TVP Kultura April 2022

© TVP KULTURA all rights reserved

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